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Christmas Morning Blues

Didn't expect much for Christmas this year as the last, but a few things happened of interest to bother using this template for.  First off, someone I don't know but who I probably saw on my morning walks gave me a five while I was on my walk through the neighborhood.  That was quite generous of him.

Getting back home, I see all the girls in in the house now have an Android tablet each.  Now they won't have to fuss over the single netbook their mom had given them previously, though I almost thought the device could record video/photos but I noticed there wasn't a built-in camera on the device (seems like a requirement these days).

I guess this is what they got.  The model number up has the camera on the front.  I wouldn't mind one of these either if I had the chance to get one.

As for me, so far I received $50 in cash and some clothes from my folks.  Quite nice for now since I couldn't afford any for a long while.  Also a nice stocking with the following items I'm bothering to list here for completest sake...
  • Unnamed soft candy roll of multiple colors/flavors
  • Hershey's Bar
  • Snickers Bar
  • Twix Bar
  • Clark Bar (don't see those too often these days)
  • 3 Musketeers Bar
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
  • Extra Sugerfree Gum  (Peppermint flavor, though I could've went with some Bubble Gum instead)
All in all, not too bad for now.  Later today I guess there's going to be a typical get-together dinner planned that I hope to be a part of if I don't stay in my room all night long.


What happen the past Saturday...

My dad had his 65th birthday (or was it 64th, whatever).  I did this drawing you can see here.

The day began (mainly around noon) with us traveling up to a truck stop up in Monroe, MI my dad liked going to a few times and it was OK.  The Italian Sausage Fettuccine Marinara was excellent.  Afterwards we went several supermarkets back in town where a confirmed deal was underway concerning the use of Kroger points accumulated on your rewards cards that could be use as cash for non-grocery items (but only on certain types).  I ended up getting the following with the 20 points I had fro the whole year...
  • 10 pack of Bic Cristal Ball-Point Pens (Black)
  • 2 pack of Sharpie pens (Black, Fine Point)
  • 3 pack of Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers
  • 2 pack of Paper-Mate Flair Pens (Black)
  • A pack of Address Labels for mailing
  • 1 X-Acto Knife  (impressed they still sell these there)
  • and lastly, a pack of 10 Paper-Mate Earth Write Pencils (the only pencils they had left in the stationary aisle)
Not too bad for $20 worth.  Came back home and we had Dad's cake and I showed him my drawn present to him, he enjoyed it.

That's all.

What it's been so far in my life.

It's been quite a LONG time since I did anything on this LJ site.  I didn't think I had anything to report for quite some time that hasn't already been discussed elsewhere on the internets you people read daily.  It only came to me yesterday while I was out at the store that I bumped into someone who remembered me from high school 15 years earlier (my face is that recognizable), while he got my name right he thought I graduated in '93 or '94 though I corrected him.  He went by the name of Quincy though he apparently doesn't use the internet besides his own children being on the PC anyway.  Too bad I couldn't get much out of him during the brief few minutes of conversation, but he apparently remembered me best in the hallways at school so I suppose my "Speed Racer" reputation is still legendary.  It's nice to know, even when they're not using the net, that people still remember me with fondness.